Atelier Stitch is  a petite sewing lounge owned and operated by Giselle LaFrance. A super cute, sometimes messy but aesthetically pleasing creative space that boasts some of the best views in Portland.  Always aiming to please and work with people on their individual sewing goals, Atelier Stitch is the place to feel cozy and at ease while trying to pick up your newly found skill. Giselle loves to teach people of all ages, and sewing is her passion whether it be seemingly redundant production work or working with a passionate company on new designs, she’s your woman for all things sewing and design related.

Giselle has been sewing for decades and has had the privilege of being the understudy of her mother who has attended The Fashion High School and the Fashion Institute of Technology, and her grandmother who was an award winning pattern maker at F.I.T. . She is highly skilled in sewing technique, fabric manipulation and conceptual fashion design.



Continuing Studies Faculty at MECA

2003, 2012, 2013, 2014 WMPG Benefit Fashion Show Participant

Production Sewing:

Live ME

Blood and Whiskey Studios

Jackie Real Designs




7 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey I was hoping to get a pair of jeans altered. I was unsure of times that would be good to drop them off. Please let me know when you’d be available.
    Thank you

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