Little Girls Dress Tutorial


This is my first attempt at a tutorial so if you try it and have questions please let me know. These dresses are very easy adorable and customizable. Think switching up the hem, high low is hot right now! Adding pockets, ruffles, cute buttons and straps.

You will need:

Fabric at least 44″ wide. I used quilters weight cotton for this one.

Two types of elastic. 3/4 inch wide and 1/2 inch wide.

Matching thread


First you will need the following measurements:

1. Chest- measure around the chest right under the armpit

2. Waist- measure around the waist

3. Chest to waist- measure down the body from your first to second measurements.

4. Chest to desired length of dress.

Now we will add the hem and casing allowances. To the total length (chest to desired length), add 4 inches.

Here we go!

Cut your fabric straight across according to the total length measurement.

Fold over the top of your fabric 1/2 inch and press.

Fold over an additional inch and press.

Stitch close to the edge fold.

This is your casing for your 3/4″ elastic.

Measure down from the top and fold the fabric at the chest to waist measurement and press straight across.

Make a straight stitch  5/8″ in from the fold.

This is your 1/2 elastic casing.

Fold this casing up towards the top of the dress and press.

Stitch this in place very close to the edge of the fold.

Cut your two types of elastic 2 inches shorter than your measurements. The top elastic is 3/4″ and the waist elastic is 1/2″.

First feed your waist elastic through.I use a safety pin for this. When your elastic is through the fabric stitch down in place on both openings of the casing.

Do the same with the top elastic.

Right sides together, pin the back and sew closed.

Turn up the bottom of the dress 1/2 inch and press.

Turn up an additional 1/2 inch and press, pin and sew.