Sewing Classes Late Summer/Fall 2014

A T E L I E R      S T I T C H

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S E W I N G     C L A S S E S

A N D    S E R V I C E S


I am available for private classes and customized classes for those who want to learn specifics or one on one classes in all offerings I have listed. If you simply want me help you fine tune your sewing your sewing skills, show you how to use your own machine or help you out with a specific project I can help. I am very open and can be pretty flexible when it comes to scheduling.  All ages are welcome. Contact me for an appointment and for pricing details.


B E G I N N E R  .   S E W I N G  .  L E S S O N S


I have several beginner courses. These courses require no experience.  All materials, machine and tool use is included. Take a look and see what would best suit your needs.

B A R E    B O N E S    B A S I C S

  Sewing can seem daunting and can also be a major  monetary commitment. When it comes down to it the process is very straight forward and with my one time course for true beginners you can learn the basics to see if sewing is right for you before committing.
You will learn everything you need know to get you started. From threading and operating, to the best ways to pin and cut your fabric. I pack a lot of info into this course but you will leave feeling accomplished, and inspired!  Everything is included in this class. Use of machines, tools and materials. The end project will vary but always includes useful beginning sewing techniques and fun designer cotton fabrics.

Course Fee: $45. /person


NEW! GROUP COURSE DATES: 9/27 @ 12:00-3:00 & 9/27 @ 5:00-8:00

*Note: Classes with not be cancelled except in the case that no one signs up 24 hrs. before the class date. Classes will still be held if only 1 person signs on. If you are looking for a group class experience please let me know when signing up and I will cancel the class if you are the only student.


S I M P L E   R E P A I R S  A N D   A L T E R A T I O N S


This one session class is for the utmost beginner.  You will learn everything you need know to get started. Just like the above beginner course but instead of a project, we will dive into some simple at home sewing alterations with  machine and hand sewing techniques. You will learn how to hem your own pants, replace buttons, sew up a ripped seam and patch holes 2 different ways. Use of machines and tools are included.

M A T E R I A L S   L I S T:  Please bring a pair of pants, jeans or skirt to hem.

Course Fee: $45. /person

P R I V A T E L Y  B O O K E D  3  P A R T  S E S S I O N

This course is the most popular option for many people who would like to learn from the very top, need a refresher course, or help with a specific project. Privately booked sessions are completely customizable to your needs.

$120./3 sessions *per person

Call or e-mail to set up your sessions: 207-615-4982 /

S E W I N G   W I T H   A   S E R G E R

This appointment only class will teach you the ins and outs of working with a serger. The 4 thread overlock machine that gives a great and professional finish to garments and many other sewing projects. Please also scroll down for fun beginner serger fashion projects!

All materials are included in this course.

1 1/2 hrs.           $35./person

I N T R O   T O    E L E C T R O N I C     M A C H I N E S

This appointment only class will show you the benefits and differences between mechanical and electronic machines. You will get to take a test drive on 2 different brands and models of electronic machines. Perfect for those considering making the leap but would like to make a well informed decision.

Course Fee: $10. / 45 min.

L A T E   S U M M E R / F A L L  .  F A S H I O N  .  C O U R S E S

These courses are great for building your wardrobe, learning about fashion construction, and mastering new techniques.

Each course has a full description of materials and supplies needed as well as a course requirement labeled as novice.  (see below)

NOVICE:  You have some sewing experience. You may craft or quilt sew, have dabbled in some fashion sewing or taken my beginner sewing course. Either way, it’s all good. If you can sew in a straight line and do some basic mathematics this course is for you.

F E A T U R E D  C O U R S E:

S E R G I N G   K N I T S –  T H E  B O X  C A R D I G A N



Grab a cup of tea and get cozy on the couch with this simple box cardigan. This beginner serger course will teach you how to sew sweater knit fabric making this simple and elegant box cardigan. Use of machine, and tools are included. This course is approximately 3 hours.


2.5 yards of soft drapey knit fabric. The fabric used in the photo is a mohair knit.

4 Spools of serger thread to match.

Cost: $45. / person

S E R G I N G – L E G G I N G S

best-animal-print-leggings2SKILL LEVEL REQUIREMENT: NOVICE

Leggings are a great winter accessory and surprisingly simple to make. This beginner serger course teaches the basics of serging while making a fabulous pair of leggings. Use of machine and tools are included. This course is approximately 3 hours.


3 yards of sweater knit or jersey fabric

4 spools of matching serger thread

COST: $45./person

B U R D A   S T Y L E   A – L I N E  C O A T



Burda Style has some amazing patterns on their site but getting started using them can be a bit intimidating if you have never used one of their patterns before. In this class we will go through how Burda patterns work, using this fabulous A-line coat pattern.  You will learn how to piece and trace the PDF pattern, and construct the coat. This is a follow along class so each step will not just be taught but also shown for greater comprehension.

This course is broken up into a series of 4

Course breakdown:

Day 1: Intro to pattern, pattern piecing and copy. Discussion of proper fabrics for the coat.

Day 2: Pinning and cutting. Begin construction.

Day 3 / 4: Finish construction.

Note Of Importance:

Pattern, use of machines and tools are included in this course.

MATERIALS LIST: Will be discussed in part 1 of the class

Course Fee: $120.

F U L L   C I R C L E   S K I R T S



Learn how to make a circle skirt using simple techniques and a crazy little equation without a pattern. Circle skirts are flattering to most every figure are surprisingly simple, and make a great base skirt for more elaborate applications. This skirt is made from woven fabric and uses a side or back zipper closure.

Use of machines and tools are included in this course.

MATERIALS  LIST:  3 yards of woven fabric (non-stretch) 44″ wide for shorter skirts. For longer skirts 55″ wide and up or 2 more yards. n 12″-18″ zipper

3hrs.       $35.00/person

.H O M E   D E C O R  C O U R S E S.

S T E N C I L E D   P I L L O W S



A fun and easy project that would make great personalized holiday gifts. Once you learn, the possibilities are endless. In this course we will stencil fabric to make decorative pillow covers, slip on style. I will have several design options and paint colors to choose from and machine and tool use is included. Session is approximately 2 hours.


1   16-18″ pillow form

3/4 yard of unprinted cotton fabric in any color you choose

Cost: $35./person

T A B   T O P   C U R T A I N S


Learn how to design made to measure tab top curtains for your home. Use of machines and tools are included in this class. Class is approximately 3 hours.


You will need to bring an appropriate amount of fabric for your window measurements which will be discussed via e-mail or via phone when you register for class.

Cost: $45./ person

L E V E L  U P!


.T E C H N I Q U E S.

Affordable and perfect for the seamster who would like to put some new techniques in their sewing repertoire.

S E W I N G   W I T H   P L E A T H E R  &  V I N Y L



Learn some great techniques for sewing pleather and vinyl material on a home sewing machine. Cause we all who have tried and ended up with skipped stitches and scrapped projects need some solace!

Use of special tools and machines included in this course.

MATERIALS LIST: Please bring along one 12″ zipper, 1/2 yard of pleather or vinyl and 1/2 yard of cotton lining fabric to make a simple and fabulous fold over clutch.

2.5hrs.                 $25./per person

W O R K I N G   W I T H   C H I F F O N



A gorgeous flowy and delicate fabric that has many uses from soft layered skirts and tops to bridal wear, chiffon can be tricky and downright frustrating to work with if you aren’t familiar with it. This course will give you tips tricks and take some of the frustration out of working with chiffon so you can create beautiful timeless pieces. All materials use of machines and tools are included in this course. Session is approximately 1 hour.

Cost: $25.

 Z I P P E R S  &  S E A M  F I N I S H E S



Learn how to install an regular zipper on the inside and outside of a garment. Installation of an invisible zipper. How to align and make buttonholes by using the buttonhole foot on machine, to make buttonholes with a machine without a special  foot and to make hand bound buttonholes.

All materials, use of tools and machine are included in this course.

2hrs.             $25./person

. S E W I N G  .  F O R  .  K I D S .

I do classes for a wide range of ages and abilities. Private group lessons are available as well as one on one classes.

A D U L T   A N D   M E   C L A S S E S

These classes are specially designed for children ages 4 to 10 along with another be it  mommy, daddy, other family member or a big friend. No experience necessary! Each course is $60./ per couple and includes all materials, use of tools and machines.  Make sure to bring a snack and a drink!

These are the current project offerings for adult and me classes. Please specify which one you would like to do when registering.

I N F I N I T Y   S C A R F



D R A W S T R I N G    B A C K P A C K

M I N I   S T O W   A W A Y  P I L L O W

P R I V A T E  L E S S O N S  F O R  K I D S

Kids tend to learn best one on one and without the distraction of others so they have the freedom to move at their own pace. Kids will start off with a basic beginner course making a pin cushion.  Classes 2 and 3 will be their choice of project. Suggested for ages 7 to 13.

-3 sessions 1 hour per session $60/ per child

-Use of tools and machines included.

-Materials for the first session are included, materials must be brought for sessions 2 and 3.

S E W I N G   S E R V I C E S

I offer custom made clothing, alterations, production work and home sewing services. If you need a hand with a project, or need a specially made garment I can help.

Alteration prices vary. Please visit my Alteration tab.

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