Wow, is it fall already?! Insane.

Fall is my slow season at the studio so I am re-vamping and renovating! A great friend of mine is helping me build a big new sewing surface and I am getting rid of my sewing bar. It’s for sale! A huge steal at $75./obro It’s great for a garage, craft room or just to rip apart and use the wood for whatever DIY you have in mind. Contact me at atelierstitch@gmail.com if you are interested.

The updated space will allow for more functionality in the studio, and I’ll be able to teach more students in a single class.

In the meantime I’m still open for business, taking in new students for private and after school lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, (2 slots open for Tuesdays, 1 for Wednesday) and I am open Saturday mornings which I wasn’t able to offer for quite some time!

I must say, I welcome Fall with open arms. I love the layers and boots. The need for blankets and snuggling. Apple picking, baking, settling into new schedules and warm beverages. Working with flannels, wool, and raw silk. I’m contemplating new offerings for sewing classes as the chill sets in.

Put on your favorite sweater. Listen to your favorite music and get creative.



Sewing Classes Late Summer/Fall 2014

A T E L I E R      S T I T C H

  F A L L

2 0 1 4 

S E W I N G     C L A S S E S

A N D    S E R V I C E S


I am available for private classes and customized classes for those who want to learn specifics or one on one classes in all offerings I have listed. If you simply want me help you fine tune your sewing your sewing skills, show you how to use your own machine or help you out with a specific project I can help. I am very open and can be pretty flexible when it comes to scheduling.  All ages are welcome. Contact me for an appointment and for pricing details.



B E G I N N E R  .   S E W I N G  .  L E S S O N S


I have several beginner courses. These courses require no experience.  All materials, machine and tool use is included. Take a look and see what would best suit your needs.

B A R E    B O N E S    B A S I C S

  Sewing can seem daunting and can also be a major  monetary commitment. When it comes down to it the process is very straight forward and with my one time course for true beginners you can learn the basics to see if sewing is right for you before committing.
You will learn everything you need know to get you started. From threading and operating, to the best ways to pin and cut your fabric. I pack a lot of info into this course but you will leave feeling accomplished, and inspired!  Everything is included in this class. Use of machines, tools and materials. The end project will vary but always includes useful beginning sewing techniques and fun designer cotton fabrics.

Course Fee: $45. /person


NEW! GROUP COURSE DATES: 9/27 @ 12:00-3:00 & 9/27 @ 5:00-8:00

*Note: Classes with not be cancelled except in the case that no one signs up 24 hrs. before the class date. Classes will still be held if only 1 person signs on. If you are looking for a group class experience please let me know when signing up and I will cancel the class if you are the only student.


S I M P L E   R E P A I R S  A N D   A L T E R A T I O N S


This one session class is for the utmost beginner.  You will learn everything you need know to get started. Just like the above beginner course but instead of a project, we will dive into some simple at home sewing alterations with  machine and hand sewing techniques. You will learn how to hem your own pants, replace buttons, sew up a ripped seam and patch holes 2 different ways. Use of machines and tools are included.

M A T E R I A L S   L I S T:  Please bring a pair of pants, jeans or skirt to hem.

Course Fee: $45. /person

P R I V A T E L Y  B O O K E D  3  P A R T  S E S S I O N

This course is the most popular option for many people who would like to learn from the very top, need a refresher course, or help with a specific project. Privately booked sessions are completely customizable to your needs.

$120./3 sessions *per person

Call or e-mail to set up your sessions: 207-615-4982 / atelierstitch@gmail.com

S E W I N G   W I T H   A   S E R G E R

This appointment only class will teach you the ins and outs of working with a serger. The 4 thread overlock machine that gives a great and professional finish to garments and many other sewing projects. Please also scroll down for fun beginner serger fashion projects!

All materials are included in this course.

1 1/2 hrs.           $35./person

I N T R O   T O    E L E C T R O N I C     M A C H I N E S

This appointment only class will show you the benefits and differences between mechanical and electronic machines. You will get to take a test drive on 2 different brands and models of electronic machines. Perfect for those considering making the leap but would like to make a well informed decision.

Course Fee: $10. / 45 min.

L A T E   S U M M E R / F A L L  .  F A S H I O N  .  C O U R S E S

These courses are great for building your wardrobe, learning about fashion construction, and mastering new techniques.

Each course has a full description of materials and supplies needed as well as a course requirement labeled as novice.  (see below)

NOVICE:  You have some sewing experience. You may craft or quilt sew, have dabbled in some fashion sewing or taken my beginner sewing course. Either way, it’s all good. If you can sew in a straight line and do some basic mathematics this course is for you.

F E A T U R E D  C O U R S E:

S E R G I N G   K N I T S –  T H E  B O X  C A R D I G A N



Grab a cup of tea and get cozy on the couch with this simple box cardigan. This beginner serger course will teach you how to sew sweater knit fabric making this simple and elegant box cardigan. Use of machine, and tools are included. This course is approximately 3 hours.


2.5 yards of soft drapey knit fabric. The fabric used in the photo is a mohair knit.

4 Spools of serger thread to match.

Cost: $45. / person

S E R G I N G – L E G G I N G S

best-animal-print-leggings2SKILL LEVEL REQUIREMENT: NOVICE

Leggings are a great winter accessory and surprisingly simple to make. This beginner serger course teaches the basics of serging while making a fabulous pair of leggings. Use of machine and tools are included. This course is approximately 3 hours.


3 yards of sweater knit or jersey fabric

4 spools of matching serger thread

COST: $45./person

B U R D A   S T Y L E   A – L I N E  C O A T



Burda Style has some amazing patterns on their site but getting started using them can be a bit intimidating if you have never used one of their patterns before. In this class we will go through how Burda patterns work, using this fabulous A-line coat pattern.  You will learn how to piece and trace the PDF pattern, and construct the coat. This is a follow along class so each step will not just be taught but also shown for greater comprehension.

This course is broken up into a series of 4

Course breakdown:

Day 1: Intro to pattern, pattern piecing and copy. Discussion of proper fabrics for the coat.

Day 2: Pinning and cutting. Begin construction.

Day 3 / 4: Finish construction.

Note Of Importance:

Pattern, use of machines and tools are included in this course.

MATERIALS LIST: Will be discussed in part 1 of the class

Course Fee: $120.

F U L L   C I R C L E   S K I R T S



Learn how to make a circle skirt using simple techniques and a crazy little equation without a pattern. Circle skirts are flattering to most every figure are surprisingly simple, and make a great base skirt for more elaborate applications. This skirt is made from woven fabric and uses a side or back zipper closure.

Use of machines and tools are included in this course.

MATERIALS  LIST:  3 yards of woven fabric (non-stretch) 44″ wide for shorter skirts. For longer skirts 55″ wide and up or 2 more yards. n 12″-18″ zipper

3hrs.       $35.00/person

.H O M E   D E C O R  C O U R S E S.

S T E N C I L E D   P I L L O W S



A fun and easy project that would make great personalized holiday gifts. Once you learn, the possibilities are endless. In this course we will stencil fabric to make decorative pillow covers, slip on style. I will have several design options and paint colors to choose from and machine and tool use is included. Session is approximately 2 hours.


1   16-18″ pillow form

3/4 yard of unprinted cotton fabric in any color you choose

Cost: $35./person

T A B   T O P   C U R T A I N S


Learn how to design made to measure tab top curtains for your home. Use of machines and tools are included in this class. Class is approximately 3 hours.


You will need to bring an appropriate amount of fabric for your window measurements which will be discussed via e-mail or via phone when you register for class.

Cost: $45./ person

L E V E L  U P!


.T E C H N I Q U E S.

Affordable and perfect for the seamster who would like to put some new techniques in their sewing repertoire.

S E W I N G   W I T H   P L E A T H E R  &  V I N Y L



Learn some great techniques for sewing pleather and vinyl material on a home sewing machine. Cause we all who have tried and ended up with skipped stitches and scrapped projects need some solace!

Use of special tools and machines included in this course.

MATERIALS LIST: Please bring along one 12″ zipper, 1/2 yard of pleather or vinyl and 1/2 yard of cotton lining fabric to make a simple and fabulous fold over clutch.

2.5hrs.                 $25./per person

W O R K I N G   W I T H   C H I F F O N



A gorgeous flowy and delicate fabric that has many uses from soft layered skirts and tops to bridal wear, chiffon can be tricky and downright frustrating to work with if you aren’t familiar with it. This course will give you tips tricks and take some of the frustration out of working with chiffon so you can create beautiful timeless pieces. All materials use of machines and tools are included in this course. Session is approximately 1 hour.

Cost: $25.

 Z I P P E R S  &  S E A M  F I N I S H E S



Learn how to install an regular zipper on the inside and outside of a garment. Installation of an invisible zipper. How to align and make buttonholes by using the buttonhole foot on machine, to make buttonholes with a machine without a special  foot and to make hand bound buttonholes.

All materials, use of tools and machine are included in this course.

2hrs.             $25./person

. S E W I N G  .  F O R  .  K I D S .

I do classes for a wide range of ages and abilities. Private group lessons are available as well as one on one classes.

A D U L T   A N D   M E   C L A S S E S

These classes are specially designed for children ages 4 to 10 along with another be it  mommy, daddy, other family member or a big friend. No experience necessary! Each course is $60./ per couple and includes all materials, use of tools and machines.  Make sure to bring a snack and a drink!

These are the current project offerings for adult and me classes. Please specify which one you would like to do when registering.

I N F I N I T Y   S C A R F



D R A W S T R I N G    B A C K P A C K

M I N I   S T O W   A W A Y  P I L L O W

P R I V A T E  L E S S O N S  F O R  K I D S

Kids tend to learn best one on one and without the distraction of others so they have the freedom to move at their own pace. Kids will start off with a basic beginner course making a pin cushion.  Classes 2 and 3 will be their choice of project. Suggested for ages 7 to 13.

-3 sessions 1 hour per session $60/ per child

-Use of tools and machines included.

-Materials for the first session are included, materials must be brought for sessions 2 and 3.

S E W I N G   S E R V I C E S

I offer custom made clothing, alterations, production work and home sewing services. If you need a hand with a project, or need a specially made garment I can help.

Alteration prices vary. Please visit my Alteration tab.

New Layout!

IMG_9481Here’s me in the studio chugging on a coffee as I work hard super hard on some tiny things that will make a big difference in my (lack of!) organization. I’m in the middle of switching around my site here a little bit. I would like for people to be able to see sewing classes right when they come to my page first thing so I’m working on moving all of that loveliness over here. I will then have sub pages and links for all of the other sewing offerings I have. Once I’m done with the “big move” classes for May will be up. Thanks for being so patient!

My Sewing Nook…

People often ask me what my home sewing set up is like. Nothing like my studio! I work from home (our apartment) a lot and the situation is much different. I spread out on my kitchen table when I need to cut and literally have a nook, in a portion of my hallway. There’s no natural light, the full size ironing board hangs over  the door of the closet that holds my fabrics and blocks the entire hallway when I open it. Though it isn’t the biggest or most efficient set up it is my cozy little corner completely personalized and everything is within my reach. I love it! Plus, I have the fabulous studio the other percent of the time. No complaints! So here is a tour of my mini sewing space in the tiny little corner of our castle in the sky.


View of the nook from looking down the hall. The lighting is just awful and this was the best picture I could get. I love my rainbow of vintage zippers and colorful balls of yarn. The sewing cabinet swings open (but not very easily!) to give my legs a place to go and lets me spread out a bit.

IMG_8834The view to the right of the nook. I have crammed everything I love in there!

IMG_8835Jars of baubles, beads and and metal findings. Animal postcards by Sandra Arteaga and illustrations by Laura Berger. Scissor prints by Pamela Tachibana.

IMG_8836A bit of my thread stash, mostly neutrals and Steve Martin. Oh I love him. :) Print is by local artist Shayna Blumert.


Another print by Laura Berger. Expressing just how I feel about my teensy space.


A closer picture of my vintage zipper rainbow and balls of yarn.


A few of my favorite things: bamboo knitting needles, pink serger thread, giant scissors, one of my favorite books and the book I’m currently reading.


More thread!


Top shelf. This is where all of the jewelry and hair things I take off while sewing end up. And where I keep my pretty perfume bottles and boxes because I just like to look at them :)


I keep my good sewing machine at the studio and usually haul it home when I need to use it. Otherwise I use this gal. This foxy fabric and I have a date this weekend and I have some big plans that will hopefully result in me wearing it on Monday!


And this is my little guy painting beside me :)


With the Holidays coming up, the end of the year and our 1 year anniversary (yay!) We’ve decided to team up with Living Social for a great Mommy and Me deal, and to get ourselves some spiffy Gift Certificates and offer them through the end of December at a discounted price.

Mommy & Me deal: Throughout next year I will be posting 3 Mommy & Me classes per month. The living Social deal goes live December 5th. You get to pick from any of the Mommy and Me classes, or you can set up a time and date to do something custom. All materials are included, machine use is included, and it’s a great way to spend time and bond with your child while learning something new.

Gift Certificates: These are also going live December 5th and will be available for purchase on our website through the end of December. The certificates cost $30.00 and they are good for any ONE session class listed regardless of list price, OR and ONE session private sewing lesson and they are good for an entire year! They come in beautiful handmade fabric envelopes and can be shipped anywhere you’d like and if they are a gift I can wrap them up before shipping!

***(They cannot be used for multi-booked sessions, summer camps etc. unless to put toward the original balance of a multi-booked session, summer camp etc.)

We are also excited to announce that we have made it a year (in January) and we are going to keep going! We’re going to close down starting Dec. 22nd thru Jan. 7th to reflect on the year and make some improvements to how we operate, introduce some new classes and to renovate the studio itself. We’ll have an open house for First Friday January 7th so if you haven’t been in to check out the space you can come check it and enjoy some wine and snacks on us.

Update on Hours:  I am not sure if I have this listed anywhere but studio hours are currently by appointment only. After the New Year we will have short, regular studio hours.

Lastly! I’ve got a tutorial for you all! Perfect kids sewing project for packaging handmade gifts, fabric envelopes! I’ll be posting that one tonight after I put my kiddo in bed.

Phew! I don’t blame you if you couldn’t make it through that post! ; )

Little Girls Dress Tutorial


This is my first attempt at a tutorial so if you try it and have questions please let me know. These dresses are very easy adorable and customizable. Think switching up the hem, high low is hot right now! Adding pockets, ruffles, cute buttons and straps.

You will need:

Fabric at least 44″ wide. I used quilters weight cotton for this one.

Two types of elastic. 3/4 inch wide and 1/2 inch wide.

Matching thread


First you will need the following measurements:

1. Chest- measure around the chest right under the armpit

2. Waist- measure around the waist

3. Chest to waist- measure down the body from your first to second measurements.

4. Chest to desired length of dress.

Now we will add the hem and casing allowances. To the total length (chest to desired length), add 4 inches.

Here we go!

Cut your fabric straight across according to the total length measurement.

Fold over the top of your fabric 1/2 inch and press.

Fold over an additional inch and press.

Stitch close to the edge fold.

This is your casing for your 3/4″ elastic.

Measure down from the top and fold the fabric at the chest to waist measurement and press straight across.

Make a straight stitch  5/8″ in from the fold.

This is your 1/2 elastic casing.

Fold this casing up towards the top of the dress and press.

Stitch this in place very close to the edge of the fold.

Cut your two types of elastic 2 inches shorter than your measurements. The top elastic is 3/4″ and the waist elastic is 1/2″.

First feed your waist elastic through.I use a safety pin for this. When your elastic is through the fabric stitch down in place on both openings of the casing.

Do the same with the top elastic.

Right sides together, pin the back and sew closed.

Turn up the bottom of the dress 1/2 inch and press.

Turn up an additional 1/2 inch and press, pin and sew.


New Classes!

I am very excited for this this summer! I am elated  to teach the Youth Fashion Apparel Class and I’ve gotten a ton of feedback from people about what they want to learn and have developed a few classes that I hope will meet peoples needs in the way of developing sewing skills. I thank everyone immensely who has taken my sewing classes and hope that you all keep it up!

Here is what I have coming:

Free Classes:

Summer Hack and Slash! A free workshop on how to turn a men’s shirt into a super hip peasant blouse.


Budget Class:

Fix it! Learn how to replace a zipper, patch pants two different ways, sew a button on and hem pants.

Intense D.I.Y. Workshop:

This is a workshop for people who want to learn how to build and design. We will be doing a bag with a basic template that has multiple design options and will allow you to pick and choose sewing techniques that you want to learn. This class is for the calm, and serious learner.

For Kids!:

Scrap It Out! A free workshop on how to use scraps. Perfect for kids. I will teach how to make fabric beads and rags dolls.

Super Hero Capes!

Meant for the boys who want to sew but girls are super too! Learn how to make and sew a super hero cape. This is a beginner sewing class for kids.

Adult  &  Me !

A beginner sewing class for kids accompanied by  parent or adult (maybe even big sister or brother!)  Inspired by a recent parent and child couple, the class went so well that I thought I would offer it forever. Parent and child can come in and learn together!

Men Only:

Movie, Men, Mend, and well, beer.

We will screen 21 Jump Street, (the 2012 movie.) Learn how to mend holes, patch jeans, sew buttons and that’s pretty much it. Bring your best bro-friend! Totally want to put in a spoiler but I won’t for those who haven’t seen it yet. Beer provided :)


New Crewel Workshop, Book Signing and Trunk Show!

Whether you’re brand new to stitching or an advanced embroider, Katherine Shaughnessy’s New Crewel Embroidery Workshop is sure to be a perfect fit. Shaughnessy is coming to Portland on June 30 and will be stopping by Atelier Stitch with a trunk load of her unique crewel works and autographed copies of her latest book, New Crewel: The Motif Collection. Come and learn the basics of crewel embroidery including Shaughnessy’s favorite and essential ‘New Crewel’ stitches, a little history, explanation of materials, finishing techniques and pattern transfer tricks. Participants will receive all the supplies needed to get started — linen fabric, wool thread, needles and a hoop. Shaughnessy’s Wool & Hoop kits, supplies and books featuring her original designs, dozens of fun projects and over 20 embroidery stitches, will be available for sale. The workshop is $65 and runs from 1-3pm. Sign up by calling 207.775.7773. Space is limited. Full payment is expected to secure a spot and can be sent via Paypal to atelierstitch@gmail.com

the hexies are coming!

Skill level: no experience necessary!

In just a couple short weeks, Brooke will be offering her popular “hexie” class at The Atelier Stitch! This class has already been taught around the state and has proved to be the most fun you’ll have in a couple of hours – without a sewing machine! You’ll learn the whole process, start to finish, and come away with knowledge you can use to make hundreds of projects!

2.5 hrs : $30/ person (limit 6 people per class)
Tues., May 8 @ 6:30 – 8:00pm

call us at (207) 775-7773 to register!

Can you thread a needle and make a simple hand-sewn stitch? Are you looking for a fun chill-out project that you can take anywhere? Paper pieced hexagons (also known as Grandmother’s Flower Garden, or “hexies”) may be perfect for you… This is an antique art turned modern! A little history lesson will be given in the beginning, explaining the origin and progress of this unique art. In this workshop, you will learn two different methods for hand-basting your fabrics to a hexagon paper template background. You will also learn how to stitch them together to make any number of items (such as quilts, pillows, appliqués).

Hexie templates will be provided (cost included in workshop). Please bring fabrics (pieces larger than 3” square), or purchase some at our shop before class. All scissors, thread, and needles will be available at the shop for use.